tirsdag 5. oktober 2010

Quick vs Burger King vs McDonald's?

So in my old country we had a burger restaurant named Quick!

so I was wondering you guys, Quick vs Burger King vs McDonald's? I'm getting pretty hungry and I can't really decide :-(

with love from me and the power of the burgers, I say goodbye!

mandag 4. oktober 2010

Burger king vs MacDonald's

so I was just chillin' out yesterday after I wrote my first post in this blog, and I came to think..

"why is McDonald's the first thing that cross my mind when I think about good food?"
this is a triple whopper cheese burger from Burger kind, and it looks pretty damn smooth!

so guys, Burger King vs McDonald's?

personally I Prefer pizza hut!

søndag 3. oktober 2010

MacDonalds, the best place on earth.

a bigmac meal from macdonald's is something that makes everyone happier. 

more posts regarding sick smooth McDonald's meals will be updated soon.

Hugs from Mr. Mac